Your data holds the key to marketing success. Syntropy Group uses data-driven intelligence to analyze your customer base and reveal growth opportunities and targeting strategies. Many customers have life-stage changes that trigger needs; others simply profile as having a potential need for an additional product. We use your data to help you identify and appropriately communicate with customers and prospects who are likely to buy.

Data Analysis

Certain customer characteristics – such as ownership of certain account types, balance levels, recency of account openings – are more likely to lead to opening of other products or services with the bank. By quantifying these insights and translating them into customer targeting changes, we have seen account open rate increases by as much as 400%.

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Reporting Solutions

Meticulously measured and well-defined reporting helps us understand what’s working and which parts of the sales process need attention – data never lies.

We measure every element of the program – from targeting, to offer effectiveness, to sales force performance – adding both accountability and intentional learning to the program. Our robust reporting suite is fully customizable to visualize and order your data to suit your needs – custom dashboards, filters, graphs, charts, tables and more.

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Data Enrichment

Knowing your customer is at the heart of all data-driven marketing. If you improve your knowledge, you can improve your targeting, and therefore your ROI. Syntropy Group can help you enrich your existing customer data with additional demographic data so you can better understand your customers’ profile and needs.

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Customer Mapping

Do you know where your customers come from? Learn more about where your current customers live, where you’re likely to find valuable prospects, and where your opportunities for growth are.

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Syntropy Group’s marketing solutions are driven by data. Our processes are designed to create sustainable, controlled growth. We work with you to define your business goals, use your existing customer data to identify valuable and likely-to-buy customers, then develop, track, analyze, and calibrate your acquisition, onboarding, cross-sell, and other marketing campaigns. We can handle all data structure, data analysis, segmentation, strategy development, printing, direct mail, email, and graphic design – we do all of the heavy lifting.

Business Acquisition

There are over a half million new businesses started in the US every year – that’s 1,400 every day. Many of these businesses are in your market. All have banking needs, and they need them fast. Syntropy Group’s Business Acquisition solutions offer iterable, quick-to-market programs to reach out to prospects and earn their business before they open accounts with another bank.

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Consumer Acquisition

Prospective customers are everywhere, do you know how to reach them? Our Consumer Acquisition solutions utilize your current customer data, in addition to appended demographic and geographic data, to define high-value personas and segments. We then work with you to develop a campaign strategy, outline measurement and reporting needs, and closely monitor campaign performance, using actionable data to suggest calibrations and improvements.

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The first 90 days hold the most opportunity and risk of customers’ lifecycle. Within this critical time frame, customers are more likely to respond to a cross-sell offer, but are at the highest risk of attrition. This is the time when perceptions and relationships are built. Syntropy Group’s Onboarding solutions are designed to make sure each new customer (or new account holder) knows how to use their product, where to go for help, and build a foundational relationship that’s poised for growth.

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Bank customers typically have accounts with multiple financial institutions, and have constantly changing needs. A customer cross-sell program is an excellent opportunity for banks to grow customer value. Utilizing Syntropy Group’s data-driven intelligence to analyze your customer base will reveal opportunities for specific targeting to a customer’s needs and potential for growth. Our cross-sell programs increase customer value, product portfolio diversity, and reduce attrition.

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Syntropy Group offers several software solutions that make your institution’s processes more efficient, more profitable and offer a better customer experience. Our software is compatible with most back-end systems. We also offer custom programming for your specific needs.

Digital Origination

Digital Origination makes the process of applying for a bank product easier and more convenient for both business and consumer customers by transforming your paper-based application process into a digital experience.

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Referral Systems

Banks have multitudes of referral opportunities that are missed every day. Syntropy Group’s Referral Net helps your bank capture more sales opportunities, seamlessly transfer referrals from one banker to another to close the deal – converting possibilities into sales. If your bank doesn’t have a solid solution for managing referrals and rewarding employees who generate successful referrals, you need Referral Net.

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Pipeline Management

Is your bank still pushing paper?

Syntropy Group’s pipeline management system, Route Runner, seamlessly integrates with your bank’s back-end systems. Route Runner uses dynamic triggers to automatically and intelligently route processes electronically through your bank’s system. Our system is proven to drive both accountability and efficiency.

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Customers are online more than ever before, and your bank cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities digital marketing has to offer. Syntropy Group’s offerings combine our data-based methodology and online marketing knowledge to drive your digital strategy.

Email Solutions

Email communications play varied and vital roles in today’s digital world. In fact, 72% of customers say that email is their preferred communication channel, and 91% say they like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with (MarketingSherpa).

Syntropy Group has what your bank needs to deliver offers and relevant messaging straight to your customers’ inboxes.

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IP Address Targeted Marketing

Syntropy Group’s IP address-based online display advertising allows us to serve display ads directly to the households of specific customers or prospects on devices connected to their associated IP address. Hyper-targeting at the household level greatly reduces wasted impressions and gets your product in front of existing and potential customers.

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