Data Analysis

The goal of customer data analysis is to determine trends in customer data in such a way that will allow actionable insights into the exact makeup of current customers in order to retain and grow customer relationships by building a thorough view of your bank’s existing customers’ account relationships, balances, and demographic profiles.

We begin by determining your business goals and available customer data. Our analytics team will work with the appropriate personnel to define fields, formats, and secure data transmission details.

After obtaining the customer data, we enhance the data through appending a set of basic demographics to the customer base. This will include age, income, home ownership, and geographic data (latitude, longitude, distance to branch, census tract and block group).

Once the analysis is complete, we present our findings to you, along with suggested next steps. Syntropy Group also offers a suite of reporting solutions to maximize the value of your data by creating compelling visual representations in the form of fully customizable reporting dashboards.