Referral Solutions

Referred leads can be very valuable, typically achieving higher conversion rates and lower acquisition costs versus direct marketing-driven acquisition alone. If managed well, referrals can bring significant growth. Unfortunately, many banks use inefficient and ineffective referral systems, losing valuable sales opportunities.

Syntropy Group makes it easy to send referrals from one banker to another, tracking who initiated the referral, allowing you to pay direct incentives for referrals that become actual sales. The platform is built on a database framework that connects your bank’s lines of business and individual employees, and intelligently routes referrals to the appropriate banker. The platform can be configured to support all levels of your bank – from the teller, to the call center, to commercial banking and wealth management.

Key Benefits:

  • Can be integrated with existing desktops and teller platforms, allowing bankers to connect and make referrals without having to navigate to yet another system.
  • Easily send referrals between bankers.
  • Track referrals from inception to conversion for incentive payout.
  • Configured to reflect your bank’s product line, hierarchy, and employees.
  • Can be configured to support all lines of business.