Pipeline Management

Syntropy Group’s pipeline management system streamlines and fortifies your sales pipeline, increasing data security, accuracy, and radically reducing the time it takes to convert leads into customers using automated triggers to move prospects through the customer journey. Our pipeline management system collects customer application data and documents electronically, and intelligently routes the lead to the appropriate bank employee to take the next steps per your bank’s process and policy. Once the process is set in motion, automated triggers pass along the lead data to initiate the next step in the process. With Route Runner, you can be sure that all of your leads are being handled appropriately and none slip through the cracks.

Reporting is an integral part of our solution. We measure the number of leads, conversion rate, time elapsed at each touch point and more. Reporting adds transparency to the process, allowing you to track employee and process performance.

Key Benefits:

– Vastly increase process efficiency.
– Reporting data offers insights which can be used for process improvement, marketing strategy development, and more.
– Uncover bottlenecks and problem areas.
– Management oversight and employee accountability.