Customer Mapping

Mapping your customers allows you to visually represent where your business is coming from. This visual provides insight on opportunities to acquire new customers, to increase market penetration, increase share of wallet, and grow existing customers’ portfolios. This relatively low-cost service provides invaluable knowledge by using your customer data, with or without data enrichment, to develop easy to understand maps which can be configured to your needs. The information gained will drive improved targeting, identify prime areas for growth, increase marketing effectiveness, and help you spend each marketing dollar wisely.

Once you receive your maps, we won’t leave you to determine the next steps on your own. Syntropy Group has extensive experience in data-driven marketing that will produce actionable information to improve targeting and marketing results. We provide a wide variety of forms of mapping – customer/prospect concentrations, drive time, demographic concentrations, activity mapping, and more! Heat mapping allows you to see concentrations of customers and translate that into geographic targeting parameters for acquisition marketing. We also give you the ability to overlay mapping of various types of customers – high value customers, certain product holders, spending habits, and more. Having this ability facilitates an understanding of where your best customers are coming from and enables you to acquire more customers like them.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced data analysts will help you determine how to get the best value out of your data.
  • Maps provide easy to digest visuals and actionable insights.
  • Relatively low cost to gain insights that can be used across all your marketing efforts.
  • We can handle data preparation necessary for mapping.