Email Solutions

Fast, efficient, personalized email communication is something that today’s bank customers need. The ability to onboard new customers and react quickly to triggered events through email leads to stronger relationships and more valuable customers.

Syntropy Group offers wholistic email solutions to cover your onboarding, cross-sell, and other digital communication needs. We design emails within your brand’s guidelines (or utilize your own designs), segment audiences, facilitate deployment, oversee contact management, and more.

Staying true to our data-centric philosophy, our email programs utilize your data with our analysis to ensure right-person, right-time communications. We continually monitor campaigns, provide email program performance reporting, and analyze performance metrics for ongoing program enhancement.

To protect your sender reputation, we employ an email validation process. Invalid email addresses will cause hard bounces. ISPs monitor bounce rates. If your bounce rate is too high, they will start to flag all your emails as spam – delivering them to junk folders. Our process confirms valid syntax, operational domains, and authenticates the address with 98% accuracy so you can send with confidence.

Onboarding Key Benefits:

  • Quickly begins communications with customers.
  • Offer information on your customers’ new accounts to make sure they understand their benefits and how to use any associated tools.
  • Let customers know where to look or who to speak to for answers to any additional questions.
  • Triggered, automated email series of a pre-determined series of emails ensure all customers receive the communications they need.
  • Set the stage for future cross-sell initiatives.

Cross-Sell Key Benefits:

  • Utilize your customer data to identify and segment which customers are likely to want specific accounts and market to them accordingly.
  • Analyze responses and overall email performance to consistently improve campaigns.
  • Much more affordable than direct mail.