Consumer Acquisition

Is it time to take advantage of a competitor’s branch closing or acquisition by a larger corporation? Are you wanting to support a new market by acquiring new customers? The task may seem daunting, but we know where to begin.

Data-driven targeted marketing is far superior to a mass-audience approach, and results in significantly higher customer engagement and revenue. The key to successful acquisition campaigns is getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time, and we’re here to help.

Analysis of your customer base will reveal trends and actionable insights that can be used to create intelligently crafted acquisition campaigns. Identifying prospects that fit the profile of your most profitable customers, and presenting right-place, right-time offers maximizes ROI while minimizing wasted marketing budget.

At Syntropy Group, we understand the importance of maximizing budget use and proving ROI. Our proven, scientific approach to customer acquisition allows us to create highly targeted, iterable campaigns. Proper measurement, reporting, and analysis helps us continually improve your program, consistently solving for better.

Consumer Acquisition Process