Data Enrichment

What’s the average age and home value of your best deposit customers? By enriching data, we can help you answer that!

Data Enrichment makes learning about your customers quick and easy. We take the customer data you already have, and build on it, broadening and deepening customer understanding by adding demographic elements as required by your business needs. This can be done for both your consumer and business customers.

The typical data appended for consumers may include information such as age, income, home ownership status, home value, marital status, presence of children, and more. Business-centric data enrichment may focus more on adding sales volume, years in business, industry codes, company size, home-based business status. These fields are just a few of the many, many data points available.

Data Enrichment is an inexpensive way to improve the relevance of your marketing. Appending and analyzing additional customer data will benefit all your marketing, not just one project. Having a better understanding of your customer will always allow for more effective marketing.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn more about your customers’ lifestyles and unique financial needs
  • Improved customer knowledge allows for highly targeted, relevant and effective marketing messaging
  • Relatively inexpensive way to improve your marketing
  • Benefits all of your marketing, not just one project