IP Address
Targeted Marketing

Traditional pay-per-click digital display advertising, such as Google AdWords, targets broad audiences and can waste impressions (and budget) on prospects who may not be the right fit for your products.

IP address targeting allows us to serve ads at a household level, targeting specific customers or prospects. Our ability to segment and target at a 1:1 level serves your ads to the computers and other devices connected to the known target household’s IP address.

Our display ads are 100% cookie-free, removing the risk of not being barred from devices set to block cookies.

List-Based IP Address Targeting:

We create segments based on your customer data to create target lists (or use customer lists supplied by you) and append IP addresses associated with those households. Then we set up campaigns using your creative, set campaign length and number of impressions based on budget, and deploy your campaign.

Pair your campaign with direct mail to keep your business top-of-mind, increasing exposure and marketing effectiveness. We match your direct mail addresses with the associated IP address and serve your ads to the computers and other devices connected to the internet within those specific households.

Device Capture Targeting:

Target customers that have used any laptop, mobile phone, or tablet to surf the web within defined, geo-framed locations within in a specific timeframe, up to 6 months in the past. Target areas can be as large or small as you want, we can target down to the square meter!

Every device has a unique device ID that can be tracked based on the device’s internet connection history. We use the connection history to determine the household IP address for the captured device. We can then serve ads to all devices connected to the matched household IP address.