What is Syntropy?


Syntropy comes from the Greek words Syn-, meaning “together” and -Tropy, meaning “affecting.”

Our name is our philosophy. We believe in working together with our clients, affecting sustainable growth. We approach projects from a comprehensive program management point of view. While we bring expertise and leadership to the process, we also work with you as part of your team. We partner with you through the entire marketing process – from initial analysis through sales management and reporting.

We’d love to speak with you about our experience and your future.
Together, we can create significant, profitable, repeatable growth for your bank.

What We Believe

Measurable growth is possible – Banks are under enormous pressure to create growth, with fewer obvious places to find it. Consequently, banks of all sizes are demanding more from their marketing investments – every expenditure must be justified, and the only way to do that is through measurable results. At Syntropy Group, we believe in the honesty of the data. Data tells the truth, good or bad. Data gives information that guides and directs. Data is measurable. Growth is measurable.

Analytical process is the key – The key to producing repeatable results is following a good process. Our approach to building and managing sales and marketing programs uses the same scientific method you learned in school. It’s proven to work, and the results are trackable, measurable, and repeatable.

Data is an asset – Your bank has access to more customer and prospect data than ever before. What you do with that data determines its value to your bank. We can help you turn that data into new customers and into new business from your existing customers.

Ordered Growth

Sustainable growth is not about flashes of brilliance or even right-place-right-time marketing. Sustainable growth is about carefully analyzing data to properly understand the problems at hand, and then using that perspective to meet opportunities with a systematic process. Our approach to growth is data-driven and methodical, with a proven track record – a scientific process that eliminates much of the risk and allows room for investigation, iteration, and implementation over time, to make innovation happen every day.