Your data holds the key to successful customer and prospect marketing.

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The first 90 days hold the most opportunity and risk of the customers’ lifecycle.
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Cross Sell

Grow account portfolios using our data-driven approach to identifying and
targeting existing customers with relevant product offers.


A steady stream of new clients is the crux of your bank’s or credit union’s survival and growth. Traditional acquisition programs can be very costly. Many financial institutions use a wide-market targeting approach, which means spending excess budget sending direct mail or other marketing channels.

The keys to successful acquisition campaigns are getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time, and we’re here to help. Thorough customer data analysis, informed segmentation, and data-backed prospect targeting maximizes marketing effectiveness while minimizing cost. Consistently measuring campaign success, developing and analyzing reports, and calibrating accordingly further improves ROI.

At Syntropy Group, we understand the importance of maximizing the use of your marketing budget and proving ROI. Our scientific, data-driven approach to acquisition sets the path to enhance your marketing efficiency and efficacy today and continually optimizing for tomorrow.

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The first 90 days hold the most opportunity and risk of customers’ lifecycle. Within this critical timeframe, customers are more likely to respond to a cross-sell offer, but are at the highest risk of attrition. This is the time when perceptions and relationships are built.

Syntropy Group’s onboarding programs create more profitable customers and reduce attrition. Our approach to onboarding campaigns uses data-based segmentation and logic to make sure the customer receives most relevant information at the right time. Continuously analyzing, learning, improving to maximize campaign performance, and setting the stage for cross-sell opportunities.

Syntropy Group’s onboarding programs can be tailored to your bank’s or credit union’s business needs, brand and voice. We do all of the heavy lifting for you. Using your customer data, we identify the patterns of high-value and at-risk accounts, develop the onboarding strategy and segmentation logic that best fits your customer base and business goals, and utilize daily data to communicate with new customers and accountholders through the appropriate channels with the right message. A key component to our philosophy is building and analyzing reports, which allows us to calibrate and refine campaigns, building on prior successes. Click below to see our selection of Onboarding Solutions.

Cross Selling

The needs of bank customers are constantly changing. To strengthen your relationships with your customers and increase customer value, you must meet these changing needs, offering customers the right products at the right time in their lifecycle. A well-planned cross-sell program is a great opportunity to incrementally grow your customers’ product portfolios.

Syntropy Group’s data-driven approach to cross-sell and up-sell programs reveal opportunities for customer growth. By analyzing your customer data, we identify which customers are likely to want particular products, and develop appropriate targeting and marketing strategies. Many customers have bank relationships or life-stage changes that trigger needs; others simply profile as having a potential need for an additional product. Analyzing customer data to identify and target customers with growth potential allows us to develop highly efficient campaigns to maximize growth while minimizing marketing budget impact.